Ottoman Smyrna and Cassaba Railway and Extension Company


Bond of 20£ or 500F or 22 £ Turkish - London / Constantinople 1895

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Bearer bond of £20 or L.T. 22 or 500 francs issued in London by the Imperial Ottoman Bank in 1895.

The object of the company was the construction, administration and operation of the railways from Smvrne to Alascheir via Cassaba, from Magnesia to Soma and from Smyrna to Bournabat, with a total length of approximately 266 kilometres, and the construction and operation of the line from Alascheir or Alkan to Aiium-Kara-Hissar, approximately 251 kilometers long.

The concession of these lines had been brought by Mr. Nagelmackers, one of the administrators with Mr. Naville as president of the company. The other administrators were: G. Auboyneau, Commander L. Berger, (vice-presidents), R. Allatini, Bourlon de Sarty, O. Hamdy Bey, H. Henrotte, E. Huguenin, W. Lander, AI. Pangiris Bey, Zander.

The Ottoman government had reserved the right, after the first thirty years of the concession, to redeem the concession against payment, until the end of the concession, of an annuity equivalent to 50% of the gross average kilometric receipts of the five previous years.

The annuity was guaranteed for 99 years by the Ottoman government, on the existing Smyrna-Cassaba line and branches: on the government's share in the gross receipts of the Smyrna-Cassaba line and branches, and if necessary on the tithes cereals from Aidin's Sandjak.

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