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Thanks to our expertise for many years, we offer you a guide to scripophily. We hope that these articles will reveal all the aspects and the richness of the collection of old stock market shares and bonds!

Discover the treasures of the scripophily!

What is scripophily?

Why collect old stock market bonds and shares? What is the difference between a share, a bond, a founder's share?

How to estimate old bonds?

Age, print, illustrations, collection themes .... What are the main criteria for collecting old stock market shares?

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Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Casinos, Mining, Railroads, Insurance, Bank, Department Stores, Press, Transport, Sport... choose a theme and discover the treasures of scripophily!

Buy a piece of history

For history buffs, old bonds are an interesting source. Bankruptcies, scandals .... the Russian Loans, the Law system, the Panama Canal, the Stavisky affair... Find in the collection of stock exchange securities the testimonies and scandals of history.

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