Lot of 2 books: 3000 Titres Français répertoriés, La France d'Outre-Mer


2 reference books to understand scripophily and start a collection.

By Guy Cifré, founder of Numistoria.

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''3000 Titres Français Répertoriés et Cotés'' (3000 French Stock Certificates Listed and Quoted)

This 260 pages-book written by Guy Cifré, founder of NUMISTORIA, features more than 300 photos allowing even the non-french-fluent collector to use the volume.

Issues are classified alphabetically and topically in 70 themes : aviation, automotive, banks, navigation, casinos, cinema, mines...

Listings offer a description of the certificates, date of issue and price (in French francs), while many listings also include informations on the number of certificates printed.

With preface by the author.

Issued in 1985 by NUMISTORIA.

Black and white photos. Soft cover.

Condition: uncirculated

''La France d'Outre-Mer'' (France of Overseas)

This reference book, written by Guy Cifré, founder of NUMISTORIA, lists nearly 1500 titles from the former French Colonial Empire. It is the only book ever published about French colonies and overseas territories.

The number of securities issued and listed on the various financial markets, the graphic quality of these old papers, the historical interest of these documents, justified the publication of a specialized work on this period in the history of France.

Borrowings and colonial values bear witness to the economic development of much of the African and Asian world.

Presentation by country. Many photos of stocks and bonds.

With preface by the author.

Published in 1993 by NUMISTORIA (quotations in French francs).

154 pages, color cover photos, 160 black and white stock certificates photos.

Condition: uncirculated

Guy Cifré was first a philatelist, then a numismatist and finally a scripophile.

He was one of the first in the world to be passionate about scripophily, what can be described as financial archaeology. His research lead him to numerous documentation and archive funds where he discovered the incredible artistic and historical quality of certain ancient bonds and shares.

He founded the Numistoria company in Paris in 1973. He opened a shop on rue Vivienne, then rue de Richelieu. In the 1980s, at the Hôtel Drouot in Paris, he organized the first auction sales of stock certificates that had become collectors' items. These meetings become the privileged meeting place for amateurs and professionals of scripophily from all over the world.

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