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Share of 100F - Levallois Perret 1931

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Share to bearer of 100 francs issued in Levallois Perret in 1931, where the company's workshops were located (on the Ile de la Jatte).

René Couzinet (1094-1956), born in Vendée near La Roche-sur-Yon, sacrificed his entire life to airplanes.

A visionary, he filed a hydrofoil patent in 1928. After two unsuccessful attempts, Couzinet managed to fly the "Arc-en-Ciel" (rainbow) three-engine monoplane which crossed the Atlantic from Senegal to Brazil in 14 hours, with Mermoz as pilot on January 16, 1933. Mermoz disappeared in 1936 aboard the Latécoère seaplane, Couzinet then losing a friend and also a real support within Air France. He will marry his widow, Gilberte Chazottes in 1939.

René Couzinet ended his life in 1956 after shooting his wife. According to his brother Alexandre, he had been working for four years to develop this rocket-powered flying machine which had been presented the previous summer and which took off vertically.

Handwritten signature of R. Couzinet on this pretty certificate decorated with the Arc-en-Ciel plane.

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