Palais de Glace des Champs-Elysées S.A.


Founder Share - Paris 1893

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Founder's share issued in Paris in 1893.

In 1838, the architect Jacques Hittorff was commissioned by the king Louis-Philippe to create a rotunda in the large square of the Champs-Élysées.

Inaugurated in 1839, the Rotunda of Hittorff is integrated into the buildings of the Universal Exhibition of 1855 but destroyed the following year.

A new panorama, called "Panorama National", was rebuilt by the architect Gabriel Davioud at the corner of Avenue d'Antin (today Avenue Franklin Roosevelt) and the Champs-Élysées. In December 1893, the Rotonde du Panorama National became the "Palais de Glace" (Ice Palace), one of the most popular attractions in Belle Époque Paris.

During the Universal Exhibition of 1900, the Palais de Glace then became "The Palace of Nero", a reconstruction of the splendor of ancient Rome, the persecutions suffered by the first Christians, the gladiator fights, the decline and fall of Rome.

The company was a profitable business for many years.

Low issue: 2,000 shares.

Certificate with sheet of coupons glued to the bottom.

Size: 28x21 cm excluding coupons.

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Expositions, Tourism, Attractions
Rare bonds
Issued before 1900

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