Tramways et Electricité de Damas S.A.


Share of 500F - Brussels 1928

No tax

Original title issued in Brussels in 1928, where the company's head office was located.

Formerly the Imperial Ottoman Company of Tramways and Electric Lighting of Damas (1904-1928).

The president of the company was Gaston Ithier (signature on the document), the Vice-president, a Syrian notable. The directors were: C. Crombe, Ed. Empain, J. Empain, C. Francken, L. Graux, E. Harmant, M. Passelecq, E. Guillon, A. Jourdanne, Louis and Émile Piat.

An electricity production plant had been opened in Damas in 1907. The work program of this company included the construction of a new hydroelectric plant in Téquieh to contribute to the lighting distribution network for the districts of Damascus far from the center.

It also developed tram lines, including a line connecting Damas to Douma.

1944 marks the independence of the country and the assets of the company are sequestered. The company was nationalized in 1951, with a payment from Syria to Belgium which allowed it to reimburse its shareholders.

Illustrated with a vignette of the city.

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