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The Bakou Naphta Company


Provisory Certificate of 1 share of 100 Rbl - Baku 1917

No tax

Russian company founded in 1874.

The purpose of the company was the extraction of naphtha and naphthadile, the manufacture of lighting and other products and the trade in these products.

Headquarters in St. Petersburg.

Share capital was originally 7,500,000 rubles, reduced in 1877 to 4 million rubles, in 1891 to 3,200,000 rubles, in 1894 to 2 million rubles by the abandonment made by one of the founders and the cancellation of 12,000 shares, raised in 1899 to 2,300,000 rubles, in 1904 to 3,070,000 rubles, in 1906 to 4,039,000 rubles and in 1908 to 5,654,600 rubles.

The board of directors had as members: MM.Bradké, P. Korsakoff, J. Outine, Poutiloff, J.-F. Moukhine, J.-J.Radine.

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