G. M. Lianosoff & Sons Naphta Industry Company (1911)


Share of 100 Rbl - St Petersburg 1911

Capital 4,000,000 Rbl

No tax

Товарищество нефтяного производства Г. М. Лианозова сыновей

Company founded in 1907 to develop oil fields in the Caspian Sea. The object of the company was the acquisition and operation of naphtha and lubricating oil refineries located in the Baku district, as well as concessions belonging to its domain. The processing and trade of naphtha and all related products.

The head office was located in Moscow.

The initial share capital was 2 million rubles, increased in 1911 to 4 million rubles, in 1912 to 8 million rubles, in 1913 to 16 million rubles and to 30 million rubles in 1914.

The Board of Directors was made up of 8 members, appointed for 2 years, owners of 5 shares: MM. A. Poutiloff, T. Belozersky, S. Lianosoff, F. Dubief, J. Bogaerts, P. Gnussakoff, J. Melikoff.

Certificate with many original signatures: Etienne Lianosoff, Poutiloff, Belozersky...

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Size: 25x33 cm coupons excluded

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