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Compagnie des Mines de Houille de Marles (Pas-de-Calais)


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In 1852, Emile Rainbeaux, one of the main owners of the Mines du Grand-Hornu in Belgium, requested the concession of the coal mines discovered in the vicinity of Lillers by Boucher and Lacretelle, civil engineers of the mines.

A treaty was established between Rainbeaux and the engineers, giving rise to the creation of two separate companies in 1855: one company founded by Rainbeaux, under the name of Compagnie des Mines de Houille, Société Civile des 70%, and the other, by Bouchet and Lacretelle, under the name of Société Civile des Propriétaires of 30% of the net profits of the mines of Lillers.

The purpose of the Cie des Mines de Houille de Marles is the ownership and operation of the coal mines of Lillers (Pas-de-Calais) for which the application for a concession must be made by Mr. Emile Rainbeaux, the sale of the products of this operation, the operation of all other coal mines. The head office of the company is established in Paris, 7 rue Paul Baudry. The social fund is 2,100,000 francs divided into 32,000 shares.

A new limited company was formed in 1921 by merging the former Société Civile des Mines de Marles (70% Civil Society) with the company holding the remaining 30% of the Mines de Marles. The head office is in Paris, 2 square de l'Opéra. The purpose of the company is to operate the coal mining concession, known as the Marles mines, extending over 2,990 hectares in 8 municipalities in the district of Béthune (Pas-de-Calais), in particular Marles-les-Mines, Auchelet Calonne-Ricouart.

On the death of his father, Firmin Rainbeaux took over the business.

The company bought the Compagnie des Mines de Ferfay-Cauchy in 1925.

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