Société d'Optique "Télégic"


Share of 100F - Paris 1912

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Share to bearer of 100F - Paris 1912

Head office at 7 rue Pastourelle in Paris.

Télégic was founded in 1910 by the American John Louis Borsch Jr (1873-1929). In 1956, Télégic produced the first spectacle lens in light organic material CR 39 under the name Orma.

At 7 rue Pastourelle in 1931 we find the head office of the Lissac brothers' company launched in 1931 by Georges Lissac. The latter opened his first megastore on rue de Rivoli in 1938.

In 1946, the company S.I.L. (head office still at 7 rue Pastourelle), to manufacture Amor spectacle frames, and in 1948 the company L.O.S. (Special ophthalmic lenses) which later became L.O.R. (Rational Ophthalmic Lenses).

LOR and Télégic merged in 1966, which in turn merged with S.I.L. in 1969 to form Silor (Industrial Company Rational Ophthalmic Lenses).

In 1972, Silor joined forces with the company Essel, born in 1849 with the creation of the cooperative L'Association fraternelle des Ouvriers lunetiers and inventor in 1959 of the Varilux progressive lens, to give birth to the Essilor group. I

n 1929, Télégic acquired shares in the Société de la Revue d'Optique Théorique et Instrumentale.

Share illustrated with a globe surmounted by an eagle.

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