Société Fermière du Grand Hôtel et du Casino de Cabourg


Share of 500F - 1930

Signed by Ruhl

No tax

Share of 500 francs to bearer sissued in 1930.

Handwritten signature of Ruhl.

Of English origin and naturalized French in 1907, Henry Ruhl moved to Nice, exercising various professions before choosing the hotel business. In 1905, the Cannes city council granted the concession of a new establishment on April 5, 1905 to Henry Ruhl. The operating company of Casinos and Hotels Henri Ruhl & Cie therefore became the owner of the Municipal Casino of Cannes in 1911, following its construction in 1907.

In 1919, the Société Fermière du Casino Municipal de Cannes was created with Eugène Cornuché at its head. François André, Lucien Barrière's uncle, ran the establishment until 1962, Lucien Barrière providing management until the 1980s. The casino was destroyed in 1979 to be replaced by the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès de Cannes. In January 1911, the architect Charles Dalmas completed in Cannes the Carlton for Henri Ruhl with his 250 living rooms and bathrooms.

Besides the Carlton in Cannes and the Atlantic hotel in Nice, the architect made in 1913 one of his most beautiful jewels, the Hotel Ruhl, instead of the Hôtel des Anglais which he destroyed in 1909 car colonial architecture does not agree with the place. He replaces it with a hotel in his name.

The Ruhl quickly established itself as the dominant element of the Nice hotel industry. Due to its proximity to casinos, it dresses the world of players and in particular horse racing circles (there is then a racetrack in Nice).

Ruhl is soon to lead an empire of 78 hotels which he has built or in which he holds shares.

The jewels of this empire are the Carlton, the Majestic and the Provence in Cannes, the Scribe and the Carlton in Paris, the Grand Condé in Chantilly, the Royal in Dinard, the Ruhl in Nice, destroyed and replaced by the Meridian in 1970 and the Grand Hotel of Cabourg.

Small issue of 3,000 shares

VF Condition: Stain at the right upper corner.

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