Banco Hypothecario e Agricola do Estado de Minas Geraes


Share of 500F - Bello Horizonte 1923

No tax

Brazilian limited company, incorporated on June 12, 1911, for a period of 50 years (Crédit Foncier & Agricole de l'Etat de Minas Geraes)

The purpose of the company was to carry out all mortgage and agricultural credit operations in the State of Minas Geraes (Brazil).

Headquarters: Bello Horizonte, State of Minas Geraes

Share capital of 10 million francs, divided into 20,000 shares of 500 francs, increased in 1926 to 16 million by increasing the nominal value of the share from 500 francs to 800 francs and in 1928 to 20 million.

The Board of Directors consisted of 6 to 12 members, appointed for 6 years, owners of 25 shares: in Brazil: MM. E. Pinto, J. Barbosa, A. Landsberg, L. de Magalhaes Pinto, F. M. Pimentel and in Paris: MM. H. Bauer, G. Henriot, Ch. Marchai.

Many coupns at the bottom and the right side of the share.

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