City of Constantinople - 5% Municipal Loan 1913


Bond of 500F or 22 L.T. (or £20) - Constantinople 1913

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Extract from the Contracts on the back of the title:

The loan was intended to provide funds for the reconstruction of the burnt-out districts of Stamboul, the acquisition of the Dolma Baghtché gas plant and Kadikeuy land, and for other works to be carried out in the city of Constantinople.

Loan was guaranteed by the Imperial Ottoman Government by:

- 10% of the City's revenue from direct real estate contributions and tax from the temettu and business licenses

- the excess of the toll receipt for the bridges over the Golden Horn

- the excess of thze receipt from the petrol of the Pasha-Baghtché.

In case of any defficiencies in the yield of the aforesaid taxes and revenues, the difference had to be taken from the other revenues of the Municipality.

In addition, the Imperial Ottoman Government undertook to pay MM. PERIER & Cie the amount of any shortfall.

The coupons were payable in Paris, at MM. PERIER & Cie, and in London and Constantinople with their correspondents.


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