Imperial Government of Russia - Consolidated Bonds of the Russian Railways 6th Issue 1880 ( (625 Rbl)


Certificate of 5 consolidated bond of 125 Roubles each (soit 625 Rbl ou 2500F) - Moscow 1880

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This is a loan of 150 million metallic rubles of 600 million francs, authorized by the Oukase on May 12 and 24, 1880, and the proceeds of which, in 4% consolidated bonds, are applicable, by virtue of the concessions granted by the Imperial Russian Government to the railways of the Ural, Kharkow-Nicolaiev, Donetz, Novgorod, Putilow, Morschansk-Syrane, South-West Mines, etc.

This loan, issued in Russia, is represented by bonds of 125 metallic rubles of capital or 500 francs of capital, and of 625 metallic rubles or 2,500F. The annual interest is 4%.

Payment of interest and redemption of bonds took place in St. Petersburg, at the State Bank, in gold or in credit notes at the current rate, and in Paris, in francs, at the Comptoir National d'Escompte de Paris, 14 rue Bergère.

Uncancelled, with coupons.

Document size: 36 x 27 cm (excluding coupons)

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Issued before 1900

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