Liquidation de l'Ancienne Société J.F. Cail & Cie


Bon de jouissance de Liquidation - Paris 1872

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The Ch. Derosne et Cail company was founded in 1836 by Charles Derosne and Jean-François Cail.

It builds steam engines for sugar factories and locomotives. In the grip of difficulties following the revolution of 1848, it was replaced by the Société J.F Cail & Cie that same year. The company's head office and factories are located in the Chaillot district. It was then the largest industrial company in Paris. The factories were then transferred to 13 Quai Grenelle, also on the banks of the Seine.

In 1870, the Société J.F Cail went into liquidation and was replaced by the Nouvelle Société J.F Cail, which itself disappeared in 1883, replaced by the Société Anonyme des Anciens Établissements Cail. The company notably built a locomotive for the Hérault railways in 1872.

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