Compagnie des Mines d'Anzin


Share of 500F - Anzin 1935

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Share to bearer of 500 francs issued in 1935 by the company founded in Anzin in 1757 by Viscount Jacques Désandrouin (former civil society transformed into a public limited company).

The company was run by big names in politics like Jean Casimir-Perier or Adolphe Thiers.

Emile Zola in Germinal wrote: "The successes of the dealers who were later to form the Compagnie d'Anzin had excited all heads. In each commune, the ground was probed; and companies were created and concessions grew overnight."

The company was also involved in the creation of the first railroads in the North.

The Marquis de Traisnel (Claude-Constant-Esprit Jouvenel des Ursins d'Harville), Lord of Passy (1723-1794), lieutenant-general of the king's armies and grand bailiff of Ostrevent, was the main shareholder of the Compagnie des Mines d'Aniche then the Compagnie des Mines d'Anzin. In 1770, after the death of his wife, his financial situation deteriorated. In 1773, he founded the Association des Fosses de Villers-au-Tertre to temporarily exploit the coal mines he discovered on his land. This association will become the Compagnie des Mines d'Aniche in 1778 and will be one of the most important mining companies in France.


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