Compagnie Continentale d'Eclairage & de Chauffage à l'Acétylène GLADIATOR


Certificate of 10 beneficiary shares. Paris 1908

No tax

This French company marketed lighting for Cities, Town Halls, Schools, Apartments, Villas, Farms, Farms, Building sites, Workshops, Stations, Castles, Factories, Public works, Private houses, Communities, Hotels. Churches, Cellars, etc.

What characterized the patented Gladiator Devices (which was a registered trademark) was, according to the manufacturer, their extreme simplicity, both from the point of view of principle and operation, and their robust and very neat construction. The Gladiator apparatus consisted of a gasifier, the gasometer in which the tube was used both for the arrival and departure of the gas, as well as for the perfect guidance of the bell, and a bottle receiving the lime gasifier, produced by the decomposition of carbide. The Gladiator device charged and recharged on the go, with no fluctuation in light, no smell or loss of gas, and no opening or closing of anything.

The company obtains two gold medals at the Paris Exhibition.

Head office: 5 Cité du Midi, Paris. The factory was located at 25 rue Duhesme in Paris.

The selling agents throughout France were specialized in cycles and automobiles.

Stunning Art-Nouveau decor with a Parisian skyline showing the Eiffel Tower and other landmarks.

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