Société Anonyme du Gaz de Beyrouth, S.A. Ottomane


Bond of 5% 22 Turkish Pounds or 500F- Beyrouth 1908

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5% Bond to bearer of 5% 22 Turkish Pounds or 500F issued in Beirouth (Lebanon) in 1908.

Certificate signed by Sabbag, French banker and administrator.

Company founded in 1887 to carry out the gas lighting concession for the city of Beirut granted in 1885 by the imperial government (Firmans the S.M.I. the Sultan). A concession was also granted in 1908 for electricity and lighting in the city of Beirut.

An extraordinary general meeting ratifies the agreement between the board of directors and the city of Beirut concerning the electric lighting of this city. The duration of the company is then extended until the year 2007, the scheduled term of the concession for electric lighting in the city of Beirut.

The company is taken over by Haardt, a Belgian financier in 1911 and is listed on the Belgian Stock Exchange. But a complaint for fraud and falsification of balance sheets is filed by Haardt against Sabbag, who is charged in Paris even if he remains untraceable. His proxy Gautheron is arrested for complicity.

The payment of voucher coupons is suspended in 1912. After the First World War, the concession of Gaz de Beyrouth is taken over by the Tramways de Beyrouth company. The Gaz de Beyrouth company is dissolved in 1924.

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