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Certificate of 1,000 shares of 500F - Paris 1943


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Certificate of 1,000 shares of 500F issued in Paris 1943, with cancellation holes.

Head office at 137 boulevard Voltaire in Paris.

In 1898, the Gompel brothers (Gustave, Alphonse and Adolphe) transformed the Gompel et Cie company and created a company named Paris-France to operate the department store chain "Aux Dames de France" (head office in Bordeaux), "Aux Trois Quartiers" (head office in Paris, 26 rue Duphot)... The company's purpose is the sale of clothing for women, men and children, food products, luxury products, ... The company will be liquidated at the end of the 1980s.

The famous Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha, friend of the director, illustrated in 1917 a series of titles of the Paris-France society, with charming evanescent young women, embodying Industry, Agriculture, Commerce and Science. These bonds are among the most famous and beautiful of scripophily.

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