Trifailer Kohlenwerks-Gesellschaft. Charbonnages de Trifail (Slovenia) Lot of 4 (1913,1920,1922,1923)


Lot of 4 Shares of 200 Crowns each - Wien 1913/1920/1922/1923

Capital 19,600,000C/48,000,000C/100,000,000C/200,000,000C

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Lot of 4 Shares of 200 Crowns issued in Vienna, Austria, in 1913, 1920, 1922 and 1923.

Austrian public limited company founded in 1872, having for object the acquisition and the exploitation of the coal mines of Tri-faü (Lower Styria, region of north-eastern Slovenia corresponding to the southern third of the former Duchy of Styria) and all other coal mines.

Document in German (Trifailer Kohlenwerks-Gesellschaft) and French languages. 

Directors: Messrs. Dr. Edm. Mojsisovics of Mojsvar, chairman. Em. Reif, Baron P de Pirquet, Vice-Presidents. Baron O. de Bourgoing, A. de Lapeyriere, Alta. Laurans, Baron Y. de Pereira.

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Mines : coal

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