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Companhia Real de Caminhos de Ferro Portugueze (1860)


Bond of 500F - Lisboa 1860

with red stamp of 1894

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Portuguese limited company, incorporated by statutes drawn up by Me Francisco Vieira da Silva Barradas, notary in Lisbon, on December 15, 1859, approved by royal ordinance of December 22, 1859.

The purpose of the Company was to operate the railway lines known as East-North and the Lacés branch line, the construction and operation of the railway lines from Torres-Vedras to Figueira and Alfarelios and the Coimbra branch line, the construction and the operation of the railway line called Beïra-Baixa, the construction and operation of the concessions made to the Company by royal decrees of July 7, 1886 and April 9, 1887 and the construction, completion and operation of all other railways and lines of communication which may subsequently be granted to the Company, or which it may obtain by lease, purchase or otherwise

The first lines which belonged to the Society (Lisbon to Porto and to Badajoz) come to it from the contribution made to it by don José de Salamanca to whom they had been granted for a period of 99 years, under the terms of an auction report dated September 4, 1859 and two contracts dated July 30 and September 14, 1859, approved by a law of the Cortes dated May 5, 1860.

The total length of the Company's lines operated since December 31, 1896 was 1073 kilometers.

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Issued before 1900

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