Société d'Etudes Marocaines pour le Commerce, l'Agriculture et les Mines


Founder share - Paris 1924

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The purpose of the company was to study and examine all financial, commercial, industrial and mining, securities and real estate, agricultural affairs; all companies relating to public works in particular, road works, railways, trams, canals, land, river or sea transport, public and private car services and other means of locomotion; docks, warehouses and general stores, slaughterhouses, factories, mines, quarries, lighting by all processes.

The head office was located at 60 rue de Londres in Paris and the administrative headquarters at 9 rue de Clichy.

The administrators were: - Messrs. Edmond Philippar, managing director of Crédit Foncier d'Algérie et de Tunisie - Paul Chautard, administrator of the French Omnium of Central Europe - Émile Petit, deputy managing director of the Caisse Commerciale et Industrielle de Paris - Gaston Claus, consulting engineer of the Parisian Society for Industrial and Financial Studies - Maurice Piot, Managing Director of Société Générale for the Development of Casablanca - Charles Heuzey, director of the National Bank of Foreign Trade -Roger Bloch - Auguste Delcroix, engineer in Nivelles (Belgium) -Jean Pouyer - Emile Marchand, engineer - Auguste Ducornet, industry - Joseph Bayart, administrator of the French Omnium of Central Europe - George Hersent.

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