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Share of 250F - Marseille 1908

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Share of 250 francs issued in Marseilles in 1908.

Contrary to popular belief, La Samaritaine de Marseille has nothing to do with the Parisian department store. If originally, La Samaritaine was also a large lingerie store, it was independent of its Parisian namesake.

On the other hand, the name is of the same origin. In the Bible, the Samaritan is that woman from a region called Samaria, who met Jesus near a spring and gave him to drink, while the Samaritans nevertheless rejected the Jews. Hence the expression "to be a good Samaritan". The Samaritan therefore always refers to a source of water.

In Paris, on the site of the department store, there was a water pump whose existence dates back to Henri IV. Same thing in Marseille, where the lingerie store had opened near a spring, there was even a large fountain at the time, hence the origin of the name La Samaritaine.

In 1910, when the department store was transformed into a brewery, the new owners kept the name.

La Samaritaine is located 2 Quai du Port, with a beautiful view of the old port facing the Bonne Mère. The head office was initially located at 1 rue de la République.

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