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The Bessonneau Establishments, created in 1901 by the Angevin industrialist Julien Bessonneau, bring together all the factories of the S.A. des Filatures, Corderies et Tissages d'Angers, and therefore all the hemp factories in Angers.

This new company brings together its own Corderie du Mail associated with the former Joubert-Bonnaire factory of Ecce-Homo, near the Angers-Saint-Laud station (opened in 1853), the Filature du Clon Lafayette district in Angers. (opened in 1863) and that of the Madeleine founded by Laîné-Laroche in 1840.

For more than a century, the Bessonneau company will shine on weaving and cordage from the cultivation of hemp in the Anjou countryside.

The factory site in 1970 became a community hypermarket, Trigano 49.

In addition to the traditional processing of hemp, the Etablissements Bessonneau are diversifying their production.

In 1917, the factory expanded with the acquisition of the metal cable factory of the Commission des Ardoisières, leading to the creation of the S.A. des Câbleries et Tréfileries d'Angers.

In 1916, when Julien Bessonneau father (1842-1916) accidentally killed himself, the family industrial empire passed in succession to his son Julien Bessonneau.

Julien Bessonneau fils (1880-1960) made the family business flourish.

Julien Bessoneau founded the S.A. of Industrial Wood Applications in 1917, directed by the Parisian furniture manufacturer Noël.

In August 1918, a general partnership, Anjou-Aéronautique, was created between Julien Bessonneau fils, the industrialist Marcel Dassault, the engineer Henry Potez, and the Parisian manufacturer of wallpaper René Lévy-Finger.

In 1920, the Bessonneau establishment will employ up to 10,000 workers. But the hazardous management of Julien Bessonneau will damage the prosperity of the company. He resigned in 1921.

Having become President of the Société des Cargos Français, he was sentenced to 4 months in prison for distributing fictitious dividends in 1923.

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