Société des Attractions Religieuses de Lourdes


Share of 100F - Paris 1909

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Share to bearer of 100 francs issued in Paris in 1909, part of an issue of only 4,000 shares (capital of 400,000 francs). Title issued before a notary in Pau.

Very beautiful illustrated title of the Virgin Mary.

The company's head office was located in Paris, 3 rue Nouvelle, then 17 rue de Trévise. The object of the company was to add to the Panorama of Jerusalem a museum dedicated to Bernadette Soubirous and a religious cinema. We promised 38% dividends!

Attractions developed from the end of the 19th century in Lourdes, when pilgrimages were established. One found there in circular sheet metal buildings the Panorama of Jerusalem, the Panorama of Lourdes, the Diorama.

The Panorama of Jerusalem offered a painting by the artist Olivier Pichat, works first exhibited in Paris, then transferred to Lourdes in 1896, and which was presented as the "New Chromosplastic Panorama". The painting evoked ancient Jerusalem with Jesus Christ on the Cross.

The Panorama of Lourdes was a vast circular canvas of 126 x 16 meters painted in Paris by Pierre Carier-Belleuse, with the assistance of Henri Gervex and Eugène Carrière, which represented an episode of the miracle of the candle. It will be the most visited attraction in the city.

The Diorama located rue de la Grotte, exhibited two paintings by the Belgian painter Frans Vinck representing the cave during the first appearance and the death of Bernadette Soubirous, with electric lighting and wax figures.

In 1909, a Pathé cinema theater replaced the Diorama. A cinema offers works on the appearances of Bernadette such as "The Apotheosis of Bernadette". A Gaumont cinema theater is also set up, under the name of Cinéma Chantant Gaumont.

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