B. Sirven Company (Printer)


Certificate of nominal bonds of 1,000F 6% - Toulouse 1901

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Company founded by Bernard Sirven in 1834 in Toulouse, rue de la Colombette, specializing in lithography, but also binding, stitching, cardboard, office and school supplies.... Sirven also owned a cardboard factory .

The company produced many advertising posters including Belle Epoque advertisements illustrated by Mucha.

Joseph Sirven (1835-1905), son of the founder of the printing press, was mayor of Toulouse from 1884 to 1888. During the Franco-German war of 1870, the workers of the Sirven printing press, under the direction of Joseph and his brother, published war dispatches in order to give news from the front to soldiers' wives. This is the birth of the Dépêche du Midi.

The Sirvens then embarked on the manufacture of metal boxes, with in particular the famous cachou Lajaunie.

In 1904 Léon Lajaunie sold the exploitation rights to the Sirven brothers. Gaston Sirven will later take over the printing press. His son, Alfred Sirven, will turn to other activities...

Beautiful drawing by Luigi Loir.

Large format title size: 24 x 35 cm (13,5 x 9,5 '')

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