Société Philantropique des Amis réunis


Share of 100F - Cauderan 1844

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Registered share of 100 francs issued in Caudéran in 1844.

Caudéran, which has been part of the city of Bordeaux since 1965, was in 1820 a chic suburb of Bordeaux with 2000 inhabitants.

This civil society, called "purely charitable", was a mutual provident society, health insurance against a monthly contribution proposed to the workers.

It was founded in 1834 by 12 Bordeaux hairdressers under the name "Société de Bienfaisance des Coiffeurs de Bordeaux", then "Société de Bienfaisance des Vrais Philanthropes" in 1839 until 1842 when it was dissolved to become the "Société Philanthropique des Amis Réunis". It then had multiple professions: bakers, painters, tailors, carpenters, etc.

In 1844 the brotherhood met in Caudéran, at the bed called Capsarrat in the Hû district, at the home of a certain François Bousquet.

The society then merged with the "True Friends Philanthropic Society" (1894), the "Family Society" (1898) and with the "Trinity Society" (1910).

Note that "philanthropic" was spelled "philanthropic".

Administrators in 1903: Jean-Ulysse Doux, Pierre Dumigron

Certificate issued to and signed by Mr. Lemoine.

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