S.A. de Commentry-Fourchambault & Decazeville


''A''Share of 250F - Paris 1931

No tax

Bearer share of 250 francs issued in Paris in 1931 by the limited company Commentry-Fourchambault & Decazeville, composed of Houillères de Decazeville and Brassac, and Forges, Fonderies, Aciéries de Decazeville, Tarascon-sur-Ariège, Montluçon, Pamiers & Imphy .

It is a class A capital share, with many coupons.

In 1892, the company bought the establishments of the Société Nouvelle des Houillères et Fonderies de l'Aveyron, whose activities had continued to decline since 1886 and which itself had bought, after the bankruptcy of 1865, the former company founded by Duke Decazes in 1826. The importance of the Decazeville establishments justified the company being renamed Société de Commentry, Fourchambault et Decazeville.

In 1905, the mines and factories of Decazeville were administratively separated and a director was placed at the head of each of these major services. In 1939, the Company of Commentry, Fourchambault and Decazeville brought to the Company Louvroil-Montbard-Aulnoye the grounds of the old rolling workshop.

The Société de Commentry, Fourchambault et Decazeville became the Société Métallurgique d'Imphy in 1955, before merging in 1968 with the Société des Forges et Ateliers du Creusot-Usines Schneider. The coal mines of the Aquitaine basin for their part merged in 1969 with the coal mines of the Cévennes, Loire, Dauphiné, Auvergne, Provence and Blanzy basins, to form the coal mines of the Center and South basin.

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Pierre Forveille (Paris-Rodez)

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