Numistoria Pass, Authentication certificate


Numistoria Pass is the Certificate of authentication issued by Numistoria's expert

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The documents for sale on the Numistoria website are all authentic collectible documents.

As the French leader in scripophily for 40 years, our Expert is able to issue a Numistoria Pass, which is certificate of authenticity.

We only issue a certificate for documents ordered on the site The certificate cannot therefore be ordered alone.

Please select as many certificates as there are titles ordered, if applicable, or tell us for which document ordered you would like a certificate.

The certificate is issued for each bond or share, specifying the serial number of the document, the place and year of issue.

It is stamped and signed manually by the Scripophily Expert of Numistoria.

The Numistoria Pass guarantees the authenticity of documents in the event of resale to a third party. If you sell your document, you will be then able to add the proof of authentication with the Numistoria Pass.

Numistoria is a member of Association des Collectionneurs de Titres Financiers (ACTIF) and International Bond & Share Society.

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