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Compagnie de Vénézuela


Share of 1000F - Nantes 1838

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Nominative denomination of action for an interest of 1,000F, issued in Nantes 1838, subscribed by the Marquis de la Roche-Aymon, one of the oldest French families.
This company was founded in 1838 with a capital of 700,000 francs. It was formed by Mr. François Ainé and Baudot Ducarrey (original signature on the title), and in Venezuela in Maracaïbo Mr. A. Mellinet and Mr. L'Ecoyer de Villers (original signature on the title), agent in Paris.
Extract from the statutes : the object of the company was maritime commercial operations between France and Maracaïbo, and the exploitation at the edge of the lake of Maracaïbo, as well as the creation of a mechanical sawmill.
Extract from the newspaper Le Courrier Français of October 16, 1839:
"We learn that M. A. Mellinet, manager of the Compagnie de Venezuela, had just been appointed consular agent of France there, replacing M. E. Boyer, who had resigned. The drought, extraordinary for the season, was causing disastrous fevers in the locality. to the Europeans. The crew of the Colombian was attacked by it, and in the space of twenty days he lost six of his best sailors."
The share is illustrated with a superb frieze with animals, and view of the lake.
Extremely rare document on very thin paper. Lithograph Bellechere, St-Honoré, Paris.
Size: about 28x36cm

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