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The signatures of famous artists, financiers and administrators on stock market bonds give added value. These must be original!

Among the most famous signatures, we find on the bonds:

Signatures of directors

  • Ferdinand de Lesseps, founder of the Panama Canal
  • Renault or Citroën, French automobile company founders
  • J. Paul Getty, rich industrialist and famous art collector ...

Signature by Paul Getty

Signature of J. Paul Getty

Signatures of financiers

  • Nathan de Rothschild, who signed the first Russian bonds issued in 1822,
  • John Rockefeller (1839-1937) on the shares of the Standard Oil Company,
  • Henry Flagler, famous for the investment of his fortune in the development of Florida, creating railways (including the famous north-south: Key-West / Jacksonville), luxury hotels and universities (especially that of Saint Augustine),
  • Péreire, French businessman, on some shares of the Crédit Mobilier and railways,
  • Ouvrard, the financier of Napoleon I on some Spanish loans, ...

signature de Nathan de Rothschild

Signature of Nathan de Rothschild

Artists' signatures

  • Charles Crabbe,
  • Alphonse Mucha, one of the most famous representatives of Art Nouveau,
  • Catenacci,
  • Cappiello,
  • Félix Schmidt,
  • Marcel Duchamp,
  • Gustave Fraipont (Belgian naturalized French 1849-1923),
  • Luigi Loir,
  • Leloir,
  • Giradon,
  • Metivet,
  • Paul Cauchie,
  • Décaris,
  • Deveria, the portrait painter of Victor Hugo and Franz Listzi, ...
  • and even Velasquez.

Design by Ch. Crabbe

Design by Ch. Crabbe