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Les Fermiers Généraux de la Nouvelle France


Receipt of a promise to lease land for cultivation - Nantes 1881

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The farmers general were the collectors of the state, and therefore tax managers.

The Société des Fermiers Généraux de la Nouvelle France was founded in Nantes. The managing director of the company, Poulain, a name which can be found on the document, disappeared with the majority of the subscriptions (around 541,000 francs).


New France was the Free Colony of Port Breton in Oceania which was established in 1879.

The Marquis Charles du Breil de Rays, Breton adventurer, French gentleman tried to establish a French free colony in Oceania, in New France.

The first choice is Shark Bay, Western Australia. No government has claimed these vast lands, but the Australian ambassador in Paris makes them abandon their project.

Charles du Breil de Rays then moved his colony project to Port-Praslin in New Ireland. The utopian New France was to include New Ireland (archipelago of Papua New Guinea) and, much of New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

After a failed settlement, the Marquis is suspected of having misled potential settlers, distributing documentation on a settlement named Port-Breton (near present-day Kavieng) touting public buildings, roads and rich arable land.

At the beginning of 1879, some 3,000 people bought land for half a million francs in the colony which turns out to be quite hostile due to heavy rains, hills and poorly arable land. This tragic experience led him to be sentenced in 1884 in Paris for fraud, the homicide charges having been dropped even as more than a hundred settlers were killed in the expedition.

After four years in prison and a 3,000-franc fine, Charles du Breil de Rays died at the Coataven manor in 1893 and was buried in the cemetery of Bannalec.

French author Alphonse Daudet will be inspired by this very unfortunate affair with worldwide repercussions for the last episode of the adventures of Tartarin de Tarascon in a short novel entitled Port-Tarascon (1890).

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