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The Malay Peninsula Exploration Syndicate Ltd.


Certificate of 100 Shares of 1£ each - 1890

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The original company was incorporated in 1886 and replaced by a new company of the same name in 1889.

The new company 'proposes to construct and manage public works of all kinds in the Malay Peninsula or elsewhere within 1500 miles of Singapore, and also to acquire, settle, improve and cultivate lands and to promote immigration.

Rare: 130 certificates of 100 shares issued only.

Only one item available.

This certificate was issued to Charles Hirsh, domiciled at 10 rue Grammont in Paris, French publisher from the beginning of the 20th century, specializing in erotic literature. He left Paris around 1891 to settle in London and open a bookshop there. He returned to Paris in 1896.


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