Are you looking for an unsual Christmas gift ?

Because you do not know what to offer to your father, your brother or your aunt, or you just want to offer a nice present to a collector, NUMISTORIA offers you a selection of unusual gifts, and for all budgets !

GIFTS under 30€

Cie Générale des Omnibus de Paris 


A share very well known to script lovers but which remains a sure bet thanks to its theme and its rich decor..

The document is superbly illustrated with the coat of arms of the city of Paris and Parisian monuments: Notre-Dame, Arc de Triomphe, Paris Bourse, Porte Saint-Denis, Invalides, Tuileries, Colonne de la Bastille, etc. as well as horse-drawn carriages.  

Lot of 2 books "Le 3000" and "La France d'Outre-Mer"


Two essential directories to understand scriptophilia and start a collection. .

By Guy Cifré, founder of Numistoria.

Christmas gifts under 50€

Cie du Port de Rio de Janeiro 

20th Century-Fox Film Corporation 

Cie des Claridge Hotels

S.A. André Citroën


Gift ideas under 100€

Banque de Paris

Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas


The ancestor of the BNP Paribas bank! The Banque de Paris et des Pays was created in 1872 from the merger between the Banque de Crédit et de Dépôt des Pays-Bas (founded in 1863 in Amsterdam) and the Banque de Paris (founded in Paris in 1869 by Adrien Delahante, Edmond Joubert and Henri Cernuschi).

Cie Impériale des Chemins de Fer Ethiopiens (Ethiopian Railways Imperial Company)

Founded in 1898, the company had a French concession to build a railorad from Djibouti to Diré-Daroua. Because of a lack of founds, the company is liquidated the company in 1907. A new company is founded with the Banque de l'Indochine, called "Cie du Chemin de Fer de Djibouti à Addis-Abbeba". The 784 km railroad is completed in 1917.

Design by L. Bombled (french painter) showing the King Menelik waiting for the train.